3 Tips to Date A Millionaire

1. Most millionaires have achieved what they are today through hard work, sacrifice and dedication. You can ask them how to succeed. Most millionaires-in fact, most people-like to talk about their achievements, victory and "secret of success". Many times, your millionaires will find the difficulties they have to overcome on the road to the top-the obstacles they bypass, the problems they solve-by sharing with you the story of the challenges they face, the two of you will immediately draw Distance together. Please note that I did not say "ask them how they make money". Most millionaires do n’t like to talk about their money, how to get it and how much. Asking the millionaire about his success, he turned his attention from money to MAN.

2. Millionaires like to be taken out / treated every once in a while. No one has to do anything large, expensive or fanciful. Plan something simple. Or take your millionaire to spend the night in town. Whatever you decide, the date is on you. Your millionaire will definitely appreciate it.

3. The millionaire was "tuned in" to the details. Maybe you have heard the expression "beauty is in the details". Millionaires not only enjoy the good things in life, but also because they appreciate the details that have changed their lives. Try to notice / comment small things. It is best to leave the fake Louis Vuitton at home..